The Pretty Girl Bloat

This photographic series explores the issue of “food-shaming” and something that I call “food anxiety”. A body’s composition changes multiple times throughout the day due to consuming food, exercise, and rest periods. I have struggled with some sort of food anxiety for a while now, feeling self-conscious about bloating due to eating. I would feel bad and food shame myself after cheat meals that were well deserved just because my body composition changed. I was thinking that people would notice bloating and the subtle changes in my body when in reality no one looked at me and thought “wow Miranda USE to look fit, but it definitely looks like she ate three Oreos today.” I have recently conquered my food anxiety and have accepted that it is normal to look bloated, I still look good and I still look fit.

I think that body image is an issue with women today due to harsh influences and beauty standards that are already set for us. I follow a lot of women in the fitness world who are good influences in a sense of working hard and achieving goals, but they aren’t good influences when it comes to body image because they aren’t portraying their true selves. We all post images on social media when we look good, I am myself am guilty of it. When I take “fitness pictures” and put them on my Instagram, it’s when I haven’t eaten anything yet and I just worked out so of course I look good? But I will tell you that 80% of the time I am bloated OR I have a fierce food baby. So since I’m only showing that 20% on social media, my followers are thinking that that is what my body composition looks like all the time... because that’s what I’m portraying. So I took advantage of this assignment to show my true self, to show body transformation, and to glamorize the biology of the human body. I think it is important to show other women what you look like on a daily basis and not just what you look like with a workout pump, and zero calories in your system.

I photographed myself five times throughout the day, each time my body changed: first thing in the morning, after I worked out, post meal one, post meal two, and right before I went to bed. I documented the time of day, my caloric intake, macro intake and an inner thought for each time of day. I want to send positive body-image messages to women and young girls, glamorizing the bloat. Glamorizing the body, no matter what size or shape and teaching girls “I’m gonna love myself no matter what!”

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